• American Car
    2017 Ford GT coming with 5 driving modes including Track, Vmax

    More details have emerged on the 2017 Ford Motor Company GT ahead of the start of deliveries later this year. Road & Track Pre-Production Example Recently spent some time learning about the car’s driving mode selector with five options to choose from. Select the desired mode via a small dial on the left side of […]

  • German Car
    Porsche brings New Panamera Models

    The scope of the Porsche model continues to expand with the new Panamera: The new V6 turbocharger is an efficient, agile entry-level engine outside the impressive range. Power is up by 20 hp from the corresponding engine of the previous Panamera generation. At the same time, Porsche was able to reduce the consumption of this […]

  • Car Reviews
    2017 Kia Sportage EX AWD Update 4: Slow and Inefficient

    In general, the slow and inefficient is not a pair, but our long-term Kia Sportage AWD 2017 delivery check box. While no one expects the actual, compact Crossover to be the fastest car on the road, it is hard not to be a bit disappointed when the KCI is inefficient, slightly less than the rest. […]

  • Audi
    Audi’s new hatch a fine choice

    The Audi’s new A5 and the performance-oriented Twin S5, embodies the sporty coupe design, ensuring attractiveness for those who want a look with a bold look. But Audi believes that some of these buyers may hinder the impractical two-door sports car design. Into the A5 Sportback, also accompanied by S5 Sportback, model, not only increased […]

  • American Car
    the Light of the North Star: 1993 Cadillac Northstar Series

    Cadillac has made its debut in 1992 when Polaris V – 8 embrace the future. The whole aluminum engine with senior European car manufacturers to provide any complex, including double overhead camshaft, four valves per cylinder and direct ignition. Displacing 279 cubic inches/4.6 liters and sporting an impressive 10.3:1 compression ratio, it made 295 hp […]

  • Guide & Tips
    Experts explain how to wash your car

    If you are concerned about your car, you need to decades of sacred car – the nut code clean. To keep the accumulated dirt adhesion paint protection you finish, you the status of the vehicle directly reflects on you. A neglected, scuzzy LaFerrari will earn you no props; a minty Pinto will get you high-fives […]

  • Guide & Tips
    Six ways to make your car stressful

    Nonprofit car care committee said, owning a car might be a dream or a nightmare, depends on how you take care of your vehicle. There are six ways that damage the car and endanger your wallet. 1.Ignoring the check engine light   Ignoring an illuminated check engine light can result in serious engine trouble and […]