• Auto Tech
    6 Vehicle Emissions Testing Scandals – How Car Makers Are Cheating Emissions Tests

    In the ensuing months, nearly every other major automaker worldwide has come under increased scrutiny regarding real-world vehicle emissions and fuel economy—and some of what’s been discovered seems a little bit shady. It seems Volkswagen wasn’t alone in trying to outsmart regulators.  When Volkswagen’s emissions-cheating software was discovered in September of 2015, it rocked the auto […]

  • Auto Tech
    Go To Watch a McLaren Race Car Fall From the Sky

    Professional and fast, they’re exactly who you want to see after an issue because you know you’ll be in good hands. Safety workers in professional motorsports are the best in the business. That’s what makes this incident at the Monaco Historic Grand Prix all the more perplexing. What we have here is a disabled McLaren M23 F1 […]

  • Auto Tech
    Romanian Driver Finds New, Terrifying Way to Take a Roundabout

    One Romanian driver found a new, terrifying way to go through one. Literally, they went over it. Roundabouts are a fairly common way to negotiate an intersection. They’ve been around for ages, everyone knows how to go around one. We don’t know what caused this driver to go over the roundabout and jump like this, […]

  • Bugatti
    Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo – Bugatti Concept Car

    Your chances of driving the real Vision GT are essentially zero (even compared with the 500 Chirons that Bugatti plans to make), but at least you can hear it roar. It sounds as angry as it looks. The Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo was designed for a video game, but Bugatti built a real-life working example. […]

  • Auto Tech
    Therefore I Bought a Harley

    And then there are Harley riders, with their corpulent bodies and dry wells for eyes and tattoos up and down their arms like seedy strip malls and packing more weapons than the average Texas citizen. And that’s just the women. My wife Lisa, the guiding goddess of motorcycling on account of her 40 years of […]

  • Auto Tech
    How the All Carbon Fiber Alfa 4C Is Built

    And despite only having a 237-horsepower four-cylinder under the hood, it’s also able to hit 60 mph in barely more than four seconds. The Alfa Romeo 4C doesn’t offer any luxury features, but its light weight, simplicity, and manual steering make it an absolute blast to drive. How is that possible? Well, a large part […]

  • Electric Cars
    London Black Cabs Raised $400 Million for Taxi Fleets

    Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co., owner of the company that makes London’s iconic black cabs, secured $400 million through a green bond sale. The proceeds will finance the development of the TX5, a hybrid battery-powered version of the classic 1958 FX4, unveiled in October during a state visit to Britain by Chinese President Xi Jinping. […]