• Guide & Tips
    Clean the Tank

    While a vehicle’s fuel pump is not a maintenance item, it will likely need to be replaced at some point. Before replacing a defective fuel pump with a new one, the fuel tank should be properly cleaned to clear old debris, dirt and contaminants that have accumulated at the bottom of the tank. Check out […]

  • Auto Show
    GME Performance Tunes Euro-Spec Ford Mustang GT to 705 HP – Motor Trend

    GME Performance modified this 2017 Ford Mustang GT to get much more power from its 5.0-liter V-8 motor and gave the body a blacked-out color-scheme to let other drivers on the road know that it means business. An Edelbrock supercharger and intercooler provide the backbone for performance gains. GME’s European-spec Mustang now churns out 705 […]

  • Automotive News
    Is This the Save of the Year?

    Ballagarery is one of the scariest corners on the Isle of Man TT circuit; riders actually call it “Ballascary.” Famously, this is the spot where Guy Martin had a fiery crash in 2010, but it’s claimed the lives of a number or riders over the years. Kawasaki racer James Hillier nearly had a huge accident […]

  • Automotive News
    Fisker Electric Car Teaser – Fisker EMotion Price

    Henrik Fisker is seemingly never not working. After his sleek plug-in hybrid sedan, the Fisker Karma, failed, and the Karma name was bought and relaunched by a Chinese company, Fisker briefly went dark. But he wasn’t sitting around twiddling his thumbs; he immediately got back to work on another project, an all-electric vehicle this time, […]

  • Automotive News
    Bloodhound SSC’s First Test Runs Scheduled for October

    After years of delays and setbacks, the team behind the Bloodhound SSC has announced it will finally begin test runs of the jet-and-rocket-powered car in October of 2017, in an effort to become the first land vehicle to reach 1000 mph. This news comes after the SSC’s record attempt run was pushed back until the […]

  • Automotive News
    Google Retires its 25-MPH Self-Driving Koala-Mobiles

    Google’s little koala-faced self-driving car prototype, internally called “Firefly,” generated tons of media attention when it was first shown in 2014. It was defined by its cute looks and the fact that it had no steering wheel or pedals for a human driver. Today, Google’s self-driving car team just announced that the Firefly is being […]