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Dodge Charger SRT8 Long-Term Road Test In 2007


2007 Dodge Charger SRT8

I recently took my four-year-old son to his preschool for morning drop-off. While I was getting out in the parking lot, one of the other moms whom I’m friendly with approached me. Alright, so here’s an amusing story to tell about our 2007 Dodge Charger SRT8.

“I love your car!” she said, while rustling her own kids out of her Honda Odyssey.

“Oh, thanks!” I replied. This wasn’t long after I had fixed the shifter and washed it, so I was feeling pretty positive about the Charger as well.

“Normally, I don’t like Chargers,” she continued. “But there’s something about the red paint, and the way it sounds. It’s exciting.”

We both took our kids into the school at that point, but I saw her again outside once we were done.

Now I was curious. “So if we were both single, would you date me just because of my car?” I asked.

“Definitely!” she replied.

Now where was this Charger when I was in high school?

The next day, I was back at the preschool, and so was the mom, Aviv. She was still checking out the Charger. Heady off of the interest, I asked: “Do you want to go for a quick ride?”

“Sure!” she said.

As soon as we were done with kid duties, we buckled up. But I immediately got the feeling that our Charger’s exterior was promising stuff the inside couldn’t keep up with. The low-rent interior plastics and drab design quickly became obvious to my eye, and the USB adapter cables dangling out of the glovebox (from our touchscreen upgrade) might as well been like some half-baked stereo mod I did back in high school. Oh, and I had two child safety seats in back. Maybe this was a bad idea.

2007 Dodge Charger SRT8

Still, I was hopeful that the Charger’s boffo V8 would make up for it. I did a loop around the school using some city streets. It wasn’t much of an opportunity, but it was sufficient to at least demonstrate some low-speed bravado. It might have worked. As we got back to school, Aviv said: “My kids were little terrors this morning. This made my day. Thank you!”

I didn’t see her again until a parent meeting a few days later. We were sitting next to each other at a table. She asked if I was still driving the Charger. “No. Kia Optima,” I said.

“You know, I have to admit to you, the mystique wore off after you gave me the ride,” Aviv said. “That first day, I was getting chills and my heart was pumping when I saw the Charger. Now … nothing.” She leaned in a little closer, lowering her voice. “It’s like the Charger was a guy, and I slept with him, and now, meh.”

Ouch. Sorry, Charger. Maybe you are just a showoff meathead. But I like you anyway.

Brent Romans, Senior Automotive Editor @ 80,042 miles


May 20, 2016
2007 Dodge Charger SRT8 Clears 80,000 Miles Under Our Watch



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