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2018 Rolls-Royce Cullinan Spied Testing With The New Phantom

Rolls-Royce is getting ready to launch its very first SUV, and we have a new set of spyshots that show the Cullinan in a production-ready configuration. It is covered in camouflage, but it appears that it’s finished from a design point of view.
You can tell that it is almost ready to be released just by looking at its massive front grille, which is finished by the same craftsmen that build the similar product for the rest of the models in the Goodwood brand’s lineup.

Rolls-Royce insists on describing the Cullinan as an “HUV,” which stands for a High-sided Vehicle, but everyone sees that this is an SUV, no matter what you name it. The BMW Group, which owns Rolls-Royce, has a similar strategy with its SUVs, and it calls them SAVs or SACs, depending on their characteristics.

This time, our spies have spotted the Rolls-Royce Cullinan while it was being tested in Sweden. The prototype was not alone, as the British brand was also testing a new Phantom along with its SUV. Both models had German license plates, and they featured similarly designed camouflage, which is not a coincidence.

The next-generation Phantom shares its platform with the Cullinan, and both models are expected to share a V12 engine. The new technical platform is an aluminum spaceframe construction, which is meant to reduce weight and improve efficiency, while maintaining rigidity.

Other cars from the Goodwood brand will receive the platform, and it will be tailored for each variation, just like it currently happens with the Phantom and Cullinan.

The SUV has a shorter version of the next-generation Phantom’s platform, and it also employs a higher ground clearance. Both models feature the company’s signature “coach door” configuration, which involves fitting chromed handles at the middle of the vehicle and opening the rear doors with the handle towards the rear wheels.

The Cullinan is set to become the most expensive SUV in the world offered by a renowned manufacturer. Currently, Bentley’s Bentayga holds that title, but everyone expects Rolls-Royce to have a higher asking price for its HSV.


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