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6 Great Off-Road Trailers for Your Next Overland Trip

With our continuing dependence on tech devices and current state of online privacy, there’s no better time than the present to get off the grid. But whether you’re bugging out full time or just need to unplug for a while, you’ll need to be fully prepped and loaded for your time away from civilization. If you’re worried your 4×4 doesn’t have enough room for your essential gear and creature comforts, there’s no need to trade up to a custom overlanding vehicle — all you have to do is hitch up a trailer. We’ve picked our seven favorite off-road capable trailers that range from stripped-down simplicity to excessive luxury, all of which put your parents’ dinky, dingy pop-up to shame.

Moby 1 XTR


The Versatile Trailer: There are more luxurious trailers, and there are more compact ones. The Moby 1 XTR combines the best of both worlds to make a compact trailer with all the best comforts of home. The teardrop-shaped trailer comes in either 54- or 60-inch-long models and can fit either a full or queen mattress, respectively. If you’re traveling with an entourage, an optional roof tent expands interior space enough to fit seven people. Other optional amenities include running hot and cold water, heating, air conditioning, an outdoor shower and a lot more, meaning that you don’t have to sacrifice luxury for compact size.

Buy Now: $18,500 (Base)

Manley ORV Explore


Not everyone needs to be pampered — if you want to grow a pair and keep things rugged and simple, the (appropriately named) Manley ORV covers the bare-bones essentials. You essentially get a six-foot-long lockable tub for all the gear you want to keep safe, along with a top rack and pop-up tent — mounted on 33-inch tires with a hitch-mounted recovery hook for pulling your friends out of the muck without having to detach the trailer. It’s a far cry from Buckingham Palace, but it’s the right choice for the no-nonsense adventurer.

Buy Now: $9,395

VMI Xtender Compass


Bigger, fancier and more affordable than an NYC studio apartment, the VMI Xtender Compass is likely the most opulent off-road trailer you can buy. Other trailers have optional extras, but the Compass is loaded with comfort from the get-go. That includes a hot/cold water system, central heating, air conditioning, a full galley and an LED television. Optional extras for the welded aluminum trailer include a solar panel system and a propane generator.

Buy Now: $46,000 (Base)

Schutt Xventure


Like a lot of great 4x4s, the Xventure is derived from a design that saw use in the armed forces. It’s rugged, simple and utilitarian, with a loading space and payload capacity that can fit an ATV or dirt bike. Not to mention it’s fully made from aluminum (read: rust-proof). The Xventure also features a top tent and is available with a stainless steel galley.

Learn More: Here

Turtleback Expedition

Turtleback Trailers are built to customer specifications in Phoenix Arizona, but while you can add on extras like a boat rack, extra awnings or an ARB refrigerator, the base Expedition trailer comes well equipped. You get a full-steel frame and lightweight aluminum body with BFGoodrich all-terrains, a 42-gallon fresh water tank, marine-grade electronics, an exterior shower and a pull-out kitchen with sink and stove tops. But at it’s core, the Turtleback is a packsack, with 50 cubic feet of interior storage space.

Buy Now: $17,995+

Conquerer UEV-490 Extreme

The UEV-490 Extreme is an absolute beast with all the amenities you’d ever want. What else would you expect from a brand named “Conqueror?” It sleeps four, includes a pull-out galley kitchen and cooler, a dining table, a shower and a 130-liter water tank. You can even add an optional TV and satellite antenna if you really wanted. Further, this bad boy has independent suspension, heavy-duty shocks and Bridgestone all-terrains to make sure your off-road palace can actually make it off-road.

Buy Now: $42,850
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