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A Stock Lamborghini Aventador S Is as Much a Flamethrower as It Is a Car

We often get asked, “Just how much of a flamethrower is a Lamborghini Aventador in stock form?” Apparently, the level of hotness can be a deal breaker for many prospective customers. The answer is that an Aventador is as much a flamethrower as it is a car. What you see in this video is a factory-fresh, totally stock Lamborghini Aventador S, busy at heating up the Arctic Circle.

Seven-hundred thirty horsepower of naturally-aspirated madness, running super rich on premium fuel at all times. Add an extremely short high-flow exhaust system to the picture, and Euro 6 emissions or not, this V12 will always spray enough unburnt fuel to the hot exhaust to make some fireworks. Also, Lamborghini probably believes cutting fuel at high revs with a closed throttle is for the weak.

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Just don’t install an aftermarket exhaust, since modified Aventadors have a tendency to catch fire.


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