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Alta Motors electric motorcycle: racing victories, test ride video

He missed the podium by one spot, finishing fourth after being eliminated by top qualifier Mitchell Oldenburg (see video below).

The Alta Motors factory—just a short ride south of San Francisco in Brisbane, California—has been working steadily to build and ship bikes for their reservation holders. 

Both the off-road Redshift MX (Motocross) and Redshift SM (Supermoto) have a 5.8-kilowatt-hour battery designed for 50 miles of riding in the city, with a 30-kilowatt (40-horsepower) motor that produces 36 ft-lbs of torque.

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The Redshift is a lightweight bike that packs a punch for spirited riding. With four power-delivery maps you can select how much kick you get when you twist the throttle.

This means that you can set the throttle for easy riding around the neighborhood or immediate power for a little more fun!

Alta Motors delivered its first production bike in December 2015, as a proof of concept, and has been ramping up production since last fall.

The company’s dealer network has expanded to include cities in Colorado and on the West Coast of the U.S. 

Thus far, there has been little to no word on real-world experiences from Alta owners as yet in online electric motorcycle communities.


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