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Audi’s new hatch a fine choice

The Audi’s new A5 and the performance-oriented Twin S5, embodies the sporty coupe design, ensuring attractiveness for those who want a look with a bold look. But Audi believes that some of these buyers may hinder the impractical two-door sports car design. Into the A5 Sportback, also accompanied by S5 Sportback, model, not only increased the two back doors, but also brought a cargo area behind the hatch.

The A5 door is a nice looking car on the road, but the A5 Sportback is not too shabby. Similar to the popular Audi A7, the roof shows a smooth passage under the hatch. However, it is difficult to see the similarities between the A5 coupe and A5 Sportback models.

The technology has been in pace with the Audi Sport, and the A5 Sportback, getting virtual cockpit technology, Audi TT mode start. This means that the dashboard’s LCD panel display is combined with the virtual measurement and navigation views.
Audi fits the car with a 4G/LTE data connection, enabling Google Earth integration into the navigation system along with Google destination search. For audiophiles, Audi will offer a Bang and Olufsen stereo as an option.

The powertrain will be the same model A5 and S5 coupe. This means that the A5 is injected directly into the two-liter turbocharged engine, contributing to 252 hp and 273 lb-ft of torque at the A5 Sportback, and the direct injection of the turbocharged 3-liter V6 S5 Sportback to 354 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque.
A rear hatch on an Audi S5? It’s the new Sportback variant, making for a new choice in the Audi line-up.

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