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Best and Tasty Teas from China

There are different things which are included in food items and loved by the people. There are different drinks which are used by the people in large quantity, and Tea is one of them. There are different types of tea available in the market. In this article, we will mainly discuss the tea of China which has high demand there as compared to coffee even. Most of the people there love to drink tea because of its amazing taste and the experience provided by it. A Chinese writer said about tea that “there is something amazing in the texture of tea which leads the people in the new world of contemplation in life.” In China, their varieties of tea are given different names according to their culture and language which are not understood by the other people.
The following are top 10 best types of Tea which belong to China and are known for their amazing taste:

10. Long Jing:

List of Top Ten Best Tea's from ChinaLong Jing is named as one of the most desirable teas which are a green tea and belongs to the roasted green tea group. The aroma of this tea is very fresh, warm and complex. It is the type of tea which was invented in the 15th century which is now mainly produced in the Zhejiang province. It is named as the favorite tea of most of the emperors and is currently loved by all the Chinese and even the foreigners coming to China. It has different benefits as well which includes fighting against viruses, prevention of cavities and also some other problems.

9. Qi Men Hong:

Best and Tasty Teas from ChinaQi Men Hong is the tea which is obtained from the Anhui province. It is named as the young tea which is the traditional one which has the history of almost 200 years ago. It is very famous tea in the west part of China and is highly demanded the breakfast there. It has an amazing taste which provides the taste of dried plum, orchid and pine as well. This specific type of tea can further improve the digestion of the person and also fight against different diseases. Chinese use it after eating different foods.

8. Lapsang Souchong:

Tea's from ChinaLapsang Souchong is the tea which is obtained from Lapu Mountain and is the red tea. It is very famous among the westerners mostly in the UK because of its taste. It is produced in large quantity in Fujian and comes with smoky flavor and is obtained from the dried pinewood fires. It is also helpful in strengthening the immune system of the body and to fight against different diseases. It also helps to maintain the liver and provides amazing taste to the user.

7. Dianhong:

Top 10 Best Tea's from ChinaIt is dark tea which is being produced since the 20th century in the province of Yunnan. It comes with the dark, beautiful golden color which has a little bitter taste. It is considered as quite refreshing especially in summer. It is highly recommended to keep the blood pressure normal. It comes in the long leaves which provide the amazing aroma and taste to the tea.

6. Jun Shan Yin Zhen:

Best and Tasty Teas from ChinaJun Shan Yin Zhen is the tea which is produced in Hunan Province and is named as the most famous yellow tea of China. It is also commonly called as the three climb downs because of the brewing process. It has very light, smooth and sweet taste. It is named as one of the ancient tea`s of China and is also helpful for the heart disease, liver disorders and also depression as well. It is named as much effective and amazing tea.

5. Bai Hao Yin Zhen:

Top Five Best Tea's from ChinaBai Hao Yin Zhen is the tea which is given the name of silver needles and is considered as the legendary tea because it is named as the expensive white tea of the world. The manufacturing of this tea was started in 1911 and was done in Fujian. It is considered as best for the problems like infections, cancer and also the osteoporosis. It needs much little time for its making as compared to other white teas available in the market.

4. Molihua Cha:

Top 5 Best Tea's from ChinaMolihua Cha is named as the jasmine tea which is not only famous in China but also all over the world. It comes in different types which include black, green and white. It is obtained from the jasmine leaves and has amazing flavor. It is manufactured in Sichuan and Fujian mainly. It is the tea which increases the body temperature and also best to clean the body toxins for the people living in the polluted areas of the world. It is highly recommended for the cold regions because of its amazing performance.

3. Pu Erh:

Top Three Best Tea's from ChinaPu-Erh is the tea which is famous for the name of Black tea, and its production was started from Yunnan province. It is known for its amazing taste and is also included in the making of wine because it makes wine better. It is available in different varieties which include white and green. It is very helpful for the digestion and also helps in the weight loss and also keep the cholesterol much low.

2. Da Hong Pao:

Top 3 Best Tea's from ChinaIt is commonly called as the big red Robe and is much famous in the part of North Fujian. The invention of this tea was done in almost 1368 during the Ming Dynasty. It is famous because of its floral smell and is very expensive one. It is helpful for different benefits which include increasing brain power, weight loss, curing of skin diseases, keep the sugar level low and also improves vitality. It has high demand in the markets of the whole world because of its amazing taste and aroma.

1. Ti Kuan Yin:

Best Tea from ChinaTi Kuan Yin is named as Iron Goddess, which is named as the most famous tea of China which is loved in the whole world. It was invented in about 19th century and is produced in the North Fujian. It is known for its floral smell which also provides different health benefits to the user which includes boosting the immune system, fight against cancer, heart problems, makes bones stronger and also some other problems as well.

Best and Tasty Teas from China – Top Ten


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