1974 BMW 2002/tii brochure – Big Bumper Bimmer

Images are from the brochure collection of Hemmings Motor News

This model year represented the first time we received the “facelifted” 2002, with its all-black plastic grille and larger, rectangular taillamps, along with — starting in January 1974 — the aluminum impact bumpers that added 9.5 inches and 110 pounds to the car. 1974 also represented the final model year in the U.S. of the Kugelfischer mechanical fuel-injected 2002 tii variant. Thanks to new U.S. bumper strength and height regulations coming into effect, the 1974 model year brought major aesthetic changes to almost every automobile, and BMW’s cult-classic 2002 was not immune.


Other changes for 1974 were fairly minor, and included the turn signal stalk moving to the left side of the steering column, along with new dashboard trim. The tii-specific engine power ratings were down this year, horsepower dropping from 140 at 5,800 RPM to 125 at 5,500 RPM, and torque similarly going from 145 at 3,000 RPM to 127 at 4,000 RPM. You’d think that combining these figures with the aforementioned weight gain (up to 2,420 pounds) would kill performance, but BMW still rated the 1974 2002 tii as capable of 0-60 in 9.9 seconds and 115 MPH, solid improvements over the Solex carbureted, 98 hp/106-lb.ft. 2002’s 12.3 seconds and 105 MPH.

According to, 9,273 examples of the “big-bumper,” carbureted 1974 model 2002s were built, along with 2,133 2002 tii variants.

This no-nonsense, eight-fold-out-page, 42-year-old brochure covers both 2002 models, and presents the car in eye-catching Inka Orange (with close-but-not-quite-genuine period New York license plates!). It makes us nostalgic for the days before iDrive, when a twisty road, a tachometer and four-on-the-floor were all a BMW driver needed for entertainment. Have you ever danced with a 2002?

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