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Book a free home test drive – the easy way to choose a new car

Telegraph Cars has partnered with TestDrives2u to offer hassle-free test drives at your home or place of work, completely free of charge. Just select a car and a convenient date and time below, and a TestDrives2u representative will be in touch to confirm the details*.

* This service is provided by a Telegraph commercial partner. All editorial content is entirely independent of this relationship

Book a free home test drive

Conducting a test drive in this way has several advantages: it can be timed to fit into your busy schedule, you can drive the car on familiar roads, check that it fits in your garage or parking space, and ensure that it can accommodate any bulky items such as child seats or golf clubs, without having to haul them around a dealership. 

BMW 4-series Gran Coupe, driving

Sounds good, but how do I choose what car to test drive?

Not everybody is an expert when it comes to choosing a car, which is why our reviews are free from jargon and grouped not only by manufacturer, but also by those features that are most regularly searched for, whether it’s cars that cost less than £10,000, cars that are good for long journeys or cars with boots that are buggy friendly. Follow the links below to see how easy they are to use.


I like the car, so how do I buy it?

TestDrives2u contacts your local main dealer to arrange the test drive, offering a hassle-free way to get you into the driving seat. It will go on to monitor customer service, but purchasing the car is left to you and the dealer, just as it normally would be. With that in mind, don’t forget to read our guide on how to negotiate when buying a new car.

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The car isn’t for me after all. Does that means there’s a charge for the test drive?

No, not at all. Test drives are completely free of charge, regardless of whether you decide to buy the car.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one. We know that the traditional car buying experience has evolved, with customers now conducting the majority of their research online before ever visiting a showroom. It therefore makes sense that our reviews not only tell you everything you need to know, but can help facilitate the next stage of the car-buying process. With that in mind, our partnership with TestDrives2u* is merely a logical extension of our reviews.

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