• Alpine
    Ford’s GT70, Leno’s Mercedes transporter, La Mala Ordina

    Mac’s Motor City Garage has more on the GT70, while the video above shows it doing what it was designed to do: sliding through the dirt. While the Ford Escort did an admirable job in rallying in the late Sixties, the company still found itself outclassed in the Monte Carlo by the likes of Porsche […]

  • Cars Brands
    Citroen’s 2CV 4×4 Sahara Is the most innovative off-roader ever built?

    1962 Citroen Sahara; all Saharas used a hood-mounted spare. Photos courtesy The Finest Automobile Auctions. Over rutted fields, muddy roads or cobblestone streets, the “Deux Chevaux” was nearly unstoppable, but there were still places even an experienced 2CV driver feared to tread. Enter the Citroen 2CV 4×4 Sahara, the world’s first dual-engine 4×4 vehicle; just […]

  • American Car
    A Look Back at Some of the Beautiful Car Engine Bays

    The cars I throw in for free since something has to hold the engines in.” And there’s no doubt Ferrari put all his heart and soul into making beautiful cars to hold those engines, but then again, he did need something worthy to frame the true masterpiece under the hood. Enzo Ferrari once said, “I […]

  • Bugatti
    Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo – Bugatti Concept Car

    Your chances of driving the real Vision GT are essentially zero (even compared with the 500 Chirons that Bugatti plans to make), but at least you can hear it roar. It sounds as angry as it looks. The Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo was designed for a video game, but Bugatti built a real-life working example. […]

  • Cars Brands
    The Man Who Revived Nissan & Renault Wants to Save Mitsubishi

    Three years later, Ghosn was sent to revive Renault partner Nissan Motor, which had been unprofitable in seven of the previous eight years and was the most indebted carmaker in the world. By fiscal 2003 it had become the globe’s most profitable major automaker. His revival of Nissan remains one of the industry’s extraordinary success […]