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    Toyota’s far-out vision for the car of the future

    Toyota demonstrated its concept at CES 2017 on Wednesday to see how my car would share the 2030 vision of a car. Sitting four, but this is the only concept I have with the car today. The gates are made of almost complete glass to give the passengers a better view of the road. The […]

  • Auto Show
    2017 Detroit Auto Show Design Cliché of the Year

    Everybody’s gotta have a floating roof Super Cool 2006 Toyota Land Cruiser roof is usually painted in different colors than the body. The color dropped slightly behind the front windows of the car, perhaps creating a modern floating roof. Nissan Bush The idea of a float-colored roof C-or D-pillar inserted in a black, it visually […]

  • Automotive News
    Toyota's CES Concept Car
    Toyota’s CES Concept Car Is Something Else

    It has a perfect circular pod-shape, but this is not a Prius. Toyota’s concept is that I say hello to a concept car in the forefront of the era General Motors announced the 2017 International CES in its press conference. Gullwing door and shameless style, it is what we say, a bit off the security […]

  • Fuel Cell
    First 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell sedans delivered in California

    In Hyundai Motor and Toyota launched its own fuel cell vehicle in California, the first 2017 Honda Clear Fuel Cell Car Rental was released to retail customers in a small ceremony. Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cells and Toyota Mirai Clear Fuel Cells Only California, Golden State is the only one with a sufficient hydrogen fuel infrastructure. […]

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    Maruti Suzuki Ignis SUV Specification, Images – Launching 2017

    Maruti Suzuki heating mini concept SUV latest unique technology and the perfect combination of innovation, came all the new Malu Ti Suziki Ignsi. To be more precise, Suzuki heat will be a small 4 × 4 car beautiful appearance and best fuel economy.. Maruti Ignis Maruti Suzuki Ignis Price Although launching of Maruti Ignis in […]

  • Toyota
    Toyota 4A-GE Engine Being Fully Assembled Just Two Minutes

    Just two minutes, Toyota 4A-GE engine can being fully assembled. Someone recently uploaded a video of the 4A-GE he built for his 1987 Toyota MR2. And while the video is pretty cool to watch, it’s even better because he’s an amateur, not a professional. Final assembly reportedly took about a week. But according to his post, he […]

  • Honda
    2017 Honda Accord Hybrid
    HAVE A FIRST LOOK OF 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid

    Let’s preview the 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid . The 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid mid-size sedan was unveiled in April 2016—ending a one-year hiatus for a model that now offers the highest EPA gas-mileage ratings in the Honda lineup. The new model uses an updated version of the two-motor hybrid powertrain fitted to earlier hybrid Accords, […]

  • American Car
    Pint-Sized Pickups That You Didn’t Know You Wanted

    An not only has the ute disappeared from American roads, but so too have small pickup trucks. The “smallest” pickup Ford sells in the US today is still 17 feet long and nearly seven feet wide. Just because you want the utility of a truck doesn’t mean your only option should be a downsized big […]

  • American Car
    Show You 10 Affordable Sleeper Cars from the Past Decade

    Automotive peacocking at its finest. If a car has performance figures worth bragging about, nine times out of 10 you can tell from miles away. Flared arches, massive hood scoops, cavernous cooling vents and, of course, an overzealous rear wing — all billboards announcing spec-sheet prowess to the world. But, if you’re one of those […]