• Maintenance & Repairs
    7 easy steps to cleaning the interior of your car

    You spend lots of time in your car, right? So it's only normal for dirt and grime to get trapped in it. Here are seven steps to cleaning the interior of your car simply, cheaply and thoroughly. 1. Gather the necessary supplies and equipment To properly clean the inside of your car, here's what you'll […]

  • Maintenance & Repairs
    Tire safety tips

    Tires are one of the most important — and most often overlooked — safety-related components of our cars. Tires are the only thing that attaches our cars to the road, and tire problems affect your car's ride comfort, handling, and safety. Here are some simple tire safety tips to help keep you and your car's […]

  • Maintenance & Repairs
    Plus and Minus Sizing Your Tires

    So, you want to put beautiful new 19” rims on your car. Or maybe you want to go down to 16” rims for snow tires. You go to the tire shop and the guy there tells you all about something called “Plus Sizing,” which determines what tire size you can put on your new wheels. […]

  • Maintenance & Repairs
    Experts explain how to wash your car

    If you are concerned about your car, you need to decades of sacred car – the nut code clean. To keep the accumulated dirt adhesion paint protection you finish, you the status of the vehicle directly reflects on you. A neglected, scuzzy LaFerrari will earn you no props; a minty Pinto will get you high-fives […]

  • Maintenance & Repairs
    Six ways to make your car stressful

    Nonprofit car care committee said, owning a car might be a dream or a nightmare, depends on how you take care of your vehicle. There are six ways that damage the car and endanger your wallet. 1.Ignoring the check engine light   Ignoring an illuminated check engine light can result in serious engine trouble and […]

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    2. Windshield Wipers

    In trying to live a more frugal life, I’m getting better at handling projects that I used to pay professionals to do. In addition to home improvement projects, I’ve learned that I can save plenty by taking on some auto repairs and maintenance jobs myself. Trust me, I’m not an auto expert. I’m not even […]

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    9 Summer Performance Tires to Shred, Roast, and Race

    In the winter you want a softer rubber, intricate treading and grippy block patterns, for the summer you’ll want a harder rubber and a tread pattern with as much surface area as possible to provide the most grip. This increases the tire surface area that’s in contact with the road and allows them to perform […]