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Daimler Partners With Bosch on Autonomous Car Development – Motor Trend

Mercedes-Benz parent company Daimler is gearing up for the autonomous future, having just signed a driverless technology co-development agreement with German supplier Bosch. The goal of the partnership is to develop and launch a production-ready fully autonomous system for public roads by early next decade.

The partnership will combine Daimler’s vehicle expertise with Bosch’s hardware and systems know-how. Daimler says “the ensuing synergies should ensure the earliest possible series introduction of the secure technology.” The project aims to bring to market SAE Level 4 and Level 5 driving by the early 2020s. True driverless Level 5 tech in urban areas is the main objective. This will allow cars to be called to a driver’s location in the city, much like Tesla’s Summon feature. The duo hopes the technology will not only improve traffic flow and safety, but eventually promote car sharing and provide mobility solutions for those that can’t drive. In renderings, Mercedes’ futuristic 2015 F 015 Luxury in Motion concept is featured prominently.

Daimler Bosch autonomous partnership 01

The timing lines up with the launch of Mercedes’ EQ electric vehicle brand, which was announced last year at the Paris Motor Show. EQ will bring its first vehicle to market, an SUV based on the Generation EQ concept, by 2019. By 2025, Daimler says it will have 10 electric vehicles under the EQ umbrella. Mercedes didn’t touch on its autonomous plans for EQ, but perhaps this Bosch partnership will play a part.

Source: Daimler

Daimler Bosch autonomous partnership 03

Daimler Bosch autonomous partnership 03

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