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Driving Sunglasses For Your Better Drive

If you drive your car everyday, then you must know the important of driving sunglasses.


Good quality driving sunglasses will always have thin frames and temples for optimum peripheral vision as well as large lenses for maximum coverage. The decision to go for polarized lenses, however, depends on what the car your drive. With older analog cars it doesn’t matter at all, but infotainment and navigation screens and HUDs in newer cars become blacked out or difficult to read through polarized lenses. One solution is to pull into the next truck stop and buy a pair of cheap sunglasses from the rack next to the novelty lighters, but the better choice is to invest in a nice pair that will actually block the sun and look good doing it. These are some of the best sunglasses to keep in the glove box for when you hit the road and the solar rays threaten to slow you down.


Guardrails by Maui Jim $329


Mt. Shasta by Smith $129


Bourbon Street by Eyefly $94


Conductor 6 by Oakley $210


Mile Highs by Knockaround $30


Carerra by Serengeti $149


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