Five-Figure Ferraris Review : 1987 Ferrari 328GTS, 1988 Ferrari 412, 1996 Ferrari F355 Berlinetta, More!

Is there anyone don’t like Ferrari? The answer is no. Today we will introduce five figure Ferrari.

Well, Ferrari has built quite a reputation for itself over the years in the area of speed, style and engineering. More so, they’ve built a reputation for exclusivity. The brand purposefully has kept production numbers low to increase values for decades. If you want to buy one of their particularly special or limited models, you’ll need to have a prior “relationship” with the brand, and even if you do, you still might get turned down. But there’s good news! If you buy a used or vintage Ferrari, you don’t have to spend upwards of $250,000 or have been a repeat customer. You can find plenty of attractive and fun-to-drive cars adorned with the prancing horse for under $100,000. These five are our favorite budget Ferraris you can buy right now.


1987 Ferrari 328GTS


What we like: It ain’t Magnum P.I.’s ride, but that’s just fine. The 328 was an evolution of the 308, refining all of the latter’s pitfalls. Pininfarina designers integrated the then-mandatory 5 mph bumpers into the bodywork (which had been more or less tacked-on parts of the 308), and the engineers upped the displacement of the mid-mounted V8 from 2.9 to 3.2 liters, and increased output to 270 horsepower (a 35-horsepower increase). Some also say it’s the most reliable Ferrari ever made, though we’d still recommend finding a good service center.
From the seller: “This is a well-kept Ferrari that will continue to provide years of enjoyment. There are no signs of leaks or corrosion. The engine pulls strong. The Transmission shifts well. The suspension is tight and proper.”

Mileage: 38,254
Location: Peapack, New Jersey

Buy Now: $73,900

1988 Ferrari 412


What we like: You can thank Daft Punk’s Electroma for giving the once-overlooked 412 newfound retro-futuristic cool. While this example doesn’t have the badass black paint job of Daft Punk’s car, this gorgeous blue-on-cream example was owned by another music legend — Whitney Houston — who presumably always loved it, even after she sold it.
From the seller: “This is an excellent opportunity to acquire an incredibly rare and very unusual V12 Ferrari rarely seen on the market. Finished in a stunning color combination and accompanied with celebrity provenance, this gorgeous 412 is a great addition to any collection.”

Mileage: 18,195
Location: Chandler, Arizona

Buy Now: $74,995

1996 Ferrari F355 Berlinetta


What we like: The 348 that came before the F355 was a disappointment, and after the Honda NSX mopped the floor with the former, Ferrari had a good long think and launched a car that revitalized the brand. The F355 was the last Ferrari to sport the old, angular body style that adorned every other Ferrari from the last couple decades, but by god did it do it right. The F355 also introduced the paddle-shift F1 gearbox that has since become standard in modern Ferraris. The best of both modern and classic Ferrari engineering, the F355 was simultaneously the end and beginning of an era for the brand.
From the seller: “She is in superb condition. The Ferrari Argento Nurburgring Metallic Grey paint is excellent, with deep shine and great luster. The car has been well maintained and it shows.”

Mileage: 25,500
Location: Southport, Connecticut

Buy Now: $92,900

1999 Ferrari 456M GTA


What we like: Sold from 1992 to 2003, the 456 was the last Ferrari to don popup headlights. Though it looks somewhat dated now, back when it was unveiled, the aerodynamic, aluminum-bodied 2+2 coupe was a revelation. And though the 456 may not be a corner-carver like its mid-engine brethren, four-seat V12 Ferraris have always been about cruising to your destination with style and panache.
From the seller: “It has remained in the same family since new. Always garage kept and properly serviced, it is in like-new condition throughout.”

Mileage: 33,060
Location: Pompano Beach, Florida

Buy Now: $59,900

2000 Ferrari 360 Modena


What we like: The 360 Modena is nearing the bottom of its depreciation curve, so now is the time to buy. It was the first mid-engine V8 Ferrari to adopt a curvy body style and an aluminum space-frame chassis. And with beautiful, light gray-blue paint and bordeaux leather, this particular example is incredibly handsome and understated. (Well… for a Ferrari).
From the seller: “Recent engine-out service. Well cared for and comes complete with all books and recent service receipts.”

Mileage: 33,847
Location: Saddle Brook, New Jersey

Buy Now: $77,888


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