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Ford GT Drivers Dish on What it Means to Return to Le Mans – Motor Trend

There’s only three days and a handful of hours left until the lights go green at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Three days until the Ford GT, a car that hasn’t been back to the storied race in 50 years, returns to once again endeavor for a podium finish. Three days until the six drivers Ford chose look for a chance to make history. That’s a lot of weight heaved onto the shoulders of the drivers and Ganassi Racing, the race team chosen to field Ford’s Le Mans entries.

Larry Hold, VP of engineering at Multimatic, the outfit that developed the race car and will build the road cars, has said, “The car should be fast, but Le Mans is a cruel place, and Ford wants us to rock the first time we’re there.” That includes picking the right drivers. Edsel Ford, who was interviewed for Ford’s documentary on its Le Mans return said, “You can throw a lot of technology at race cars, but at the end of the day, it’s all about the gentlemen or women who sits behind the wheel and drives the car.”

Ford GT - FIA World Endurance Championship

Ford GT - FIA World Endurance Championship

“The Return: Chapter 4” is then just a small glimpse into the driver selection process Ford and Ganassi Racing went through leading up to Le Mans. The video states that both Ford and Ganassi Racing got hundreds of driver applications when the program was ultimately announced. Drivers saw the history, saw the connection of Ford and Le Mans and wanted to be a part of the special circumstance that is Ford’s return with the GT.

“To be handed the mantle of the program and be successful and win, that’s a big deal. So Ganassi has assembled the driver talent that there are no excuses, they’ve been assembled for a reason. They’re professionals and they’re there to win,” concludes Ganassi. Three days then until we find out whether or not history can be made once again.

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Ford GT Drivers Dish on What it Means to Return to Le Mans



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      • Ford GT - FIA World Endurance Championship

      • Ford GT - FIA World Endurance Championship

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