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Found: 4 German Sports Cars With Tantalizingly Low Mileage

Finding a vintage car, or a even a decade-old car with low-mileage, is becoming ever more difficult — especially if you’re combing through sports cars. All cars are meant to be driven, but the sole purpose of any performance car is a life of canyon carving and apex hunting in the wild. So when you come across any halfway-decent four-wheeled athlete with a practically brand-new ticker, it’s worth considering. These four German performers are practically brand new, not even in their prime — yet.


2005 BMW M3

What we like: This generation M3 is considered the pinnacle of the M3 lineage; most of the people who bought them knew that right away. These cars were driven and driven hard, so to see a 2005 example with just a hair under 30,000 miles is rare — a truly great find.
From the seller: The 30K-mile service was completed at the end of 2016, and the original invoice from Rallye Motors is included along with full service records and the owner’s manual.

Mileage: 29,882
Location: Greenwich, Connecticut

Bid Now: $25,000

2003 BMW 540i

What we like: This immaculate 540i has only 37,27 miles — and since it’s been with the current owner, it has only done around 2,000 miles a year. This lightly driven 5-Series has its entire life ahead of it.
From the seller: This BMW 540i shows 38k miles and was acquired by the seller from the original owner in 2004 with 10,587 miles.

Mileage: 37,275
Location: San Francisco, California

Bid Now: $12,250

1995 Mercedes-Benz S500

What we like: What’s most appealing about this S500 isn’t just its low odometer reading, but that the 45,000-mile service just completed. That’s one less headache for you, and reassurance that you know the car is in great shape.
From the seller: Now showing just 40,900 miles, the car has been maintained in stock specification throughout including its M119 5.0L 32-valve V8 and four-speed automatic transmission. The seller purchased this example from its original owner two years ago and had the 45K mile service completed in May 2017.

Mileage: 40,900
Location: Newport Beach, California

Bid Now: $2,000

1991 BMW 850i

What we like: Now that the new 8-Series is on its way, older 8s might start going up in price, or people might start hiding them away hoping they appreciate in value. Seeing an 850i pop up with 21,989 is already a rare sight, so if you’re in the market for one this is a hell of a find.
From the seller: This 1991 BW 850i shows just under 22K miles and remained with its original owner from purchase in Boulder, Colorado until he passed away a few years ago. This E31 is now being offered by the selling dealer on behalf of the late owner’s family with service documents, factory manuals, sales literature, the original car cover, and a clean Colorado title.

Mileage: 21,989
Location: Denver, Colorado

Bid Now: $17,490

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