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Found: 5 Vintage Volvos to Celebrate the Carmaker’s 90th Birthday

In honor of Volvo’s 90th birthday, this week’s Found is filled with nothing but the Swedish carmaker’s best. To be honest, it was actually pretty difficult to not go entirely with P1800s. It’s easily the nonagenarian’s best-looking car ever, and there’s a surprising amount of them in incredibly good condition. Of course, a wagon had to make the cut, but the pickup was definitely a surprise find. Celebrate Volvo’s 90th by gifting yourself; Volvo would most certainly appreciate the sentiment.


1973 Volvo P1800S

What we like: You can’t go wrong with an emerald green and saddle tan color combo — you just can’t.
From the seller: The interior is beautiful.

Mileage: 96,020
Location: Woodland Hills, California

Buy Now: $19,995

1972 Volvo 1800ES

What we like: The cerulean blue paint job may be the most Miami color ever, but it’s certainly mesmerizing.
From the seller: This 1800ES is finished in rare Light Blue Metallic. It is powered by a B20 four-cylinder engine and four-speed gearbox with overdrive. This Volvo has had one mechanic look after her — everything is original. Bought at Barrett-Jackson; I’m downsizing.

Mileage: 117,000
Location: Miami, Florida

Buy Now: $31,850

1965 Volvo 1800S

What we like: This is the last P1800 on the list, I swear.
From the seller: It spent the majority of its life in Alabama before moving to climate-controlled storage in Massachusetts and was purchased by the seller in 2014.

Mileage: Unknown (rebuilt)
Location: Mountain Top, Pennsylvania

Bid Now: $5,500

1959 Volvo PV445 Pickup

What we like: This pickup has been beautifully restored to exacting standards, but if you made the purchase based solely on the wonderful white ash truck bed, no one would blame you.
From the seller: The cab was professionally rebuilt by hand and then painted in the original Volvo Gun Metal Grey. The interior was fully restored, and the original-look red-and-white vinyl seats, dashboard headliner and door panels are all in good condition.

Mileage: 26,772
Location: Concord, North Carolina

Buy Now: $23,995

1989 Volvo 240DL Wagon

What we like: This 240DL is a bit of a junker, but for $1,240 you can have a solid daily driver you won’t mind getting a couple dings and dents in. The suspension upgrades add a bit of enthusiasm — at the very least a sense of humor — to an otherwise practical wagon.
From the seller: Power comes from a 2.3-liter SOHC inline-four paired to a four-speed automatic transmission. Modifications include Bilstein shocks, IPD sway bars, and painted Virgo style Turbo wheels.

Mileage: 97,860
Location: Millersburg, Ohio

Bid Now: $1,240

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