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LEGO Beetle, Ghost Parking Lot, AWD Escort, Mazda EX-005

* Dan Roth recommended this one, a public art installation from the Seventies in Hamden, Connecticut, that features several cars partially buried and then covered in asphalt. Something something about commercialism.

LEGO bricks are supposed to be square, right? And yet, somehow, the toymaker put together an 1,167-piece kit of one of the most-rounded vehicles of all time. I guess a Lada would’ve been too easy.



* All the best builds on Build Threads feature a substantive change in drive layout, such as this Escort which went from rear-wheel drive to all-wheel drive thanks to a Ford Sierra drivetrain transplant.


* Another entry in the rhomboid-layout collection, Mazda’s EX-005 hybrid from 1970. Japanese Nostalgic Car has more on the show car.


* Finally, Scooter McRad’s back with the engine cutaway series, which includes this overhead-valve X-4.


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