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Four-Links – P2P AMX, The Small Silver Speedster, SS Senator’s Nashes, shoemobile

* MLive this past week took a look at the story of the SS Senator, a Great Lakes shipwreck that holds 268 Nashes and that was added to the National Register of Historic Places last month. (via)

One of the vehicles contesting next month’s Peking-to-Paris race will be a 1968 AMX looking sufficiently beefy and campaigned by rally veterans Jim Valentine and Jonathan Lodge. What’s more, they’ll be providing realtime updates on their adventure on their website.




* Dwight Knowlton, the same author behind “The Little Red Racing Car” has once again taken to Kickstarter, this time to fund his latest book, “The Small Silver Speedster.”


* The Peters Brothers’ Chevrolet-based shoemobile was, according to The Old Motor, not just an eye-catching productmobile, it also served as an effective delivery van.


* Finally, I think we all know somebody who could take to heart the message in Stance Is Everything’s open letter to trophyhounds.


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