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This tool comes to us from reader Randy Rundle

Though the scale is not provided, the largest die (on the right) probably measures about five inches in diameter, give or take an inch. The smaller die, on the left, likely measures about four inches in diameter. Each “pocket” on the pair of dies is probably 5/8″ to 11/16.” We’ve also removed a bit of text from the die on the right, since leaving it in would have diminished the challenge. As with the previous installment, this tool (or more correctly, die set) comes to us from reader Randy Rundle.

Both were used by GM dealerships in the 1940s and 1950s, and neither is a tool that the shadetree mechanic would find useful today. In fact, even modern GM dealerships would have little use for these service-minded tools, as their function has been replaced by more modern methods.

What were these dies used for?



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