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GM, Volvo Partner With Amazon to Combat Porch Pirates

It’s probably happened to a few of us – your order a package, USPS says it’s been delivered, but when you go outside to look for it, it’s not there. Was it nabbed by one of your nosy neighbors or a random porch pirate? Well, there’s good news for Volvo and General Motors owners, as both automakers have partnered with Amazon to launch an in-car delivery service to help missing packages become a thing of the past.

Car owners with a 2015 model year or newer vehicle from GM or Volvo can access the service through the Amazon Key app. The app allows packages to be delivered to a parked vehicle in a publicly accessible area. That includes places like on a street, a driveway, or a surface parking lot. After connecting their connected-car service account to their Amazon account via the Amazon Key App, all owners has to do is select the in-car delivery option when checking out on Amazon.

The delivery service will be available at no charge for Amazon Prime members that also have an active GM OnStar or Volvo On Call account. In total, the companies claim the new service will be available for more than 7 million car owners and is currently offered in 37 cities across the country.

Volvo and GM owners will both be notified through the Amazon Key App on when a package is out for delivery, when the delivery has been made, and once again when the vehicle has been locked.

Volvo has offered a similar in-car delivery service in Europe since 2015 and Amazon believes spreading to the US is something Volvo owners will enjoy. “With Amazon Key In-Car, we’re fueling another convenient and secure way to get packages to our customers – and we know our customers are going to love it,” said Peter Larsen, Vice President of Delivery Technology for Amazon.

General Motors also believes that the new service will be beneficial to Chevrolet, GMC, Buick, and Cadillac owners. “This is another example of how we provide customers with technologies that add value and enhance the ownership experience,” said President of General Motors North America, Alan Batey.

Amazon Volvo Partnership

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