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1948 Ford F3 – Hemmings Find of the Day

It’s received a single repaint, in red, but otherwise is said to be original down to the factory-installed tires, headlamps, glass and seat. Whether the next owner restores the Ford, preserves it in its current condition or returns it to the road (with new tires, please), the truck is bound to spark a conversation wherever it’s seen.  Vintage trucks have an undeniable appeal, and this 1948 Ford F3, for sale on, is certainly no exception to the rule. With a known history that dates back to its delivery in July of 1948, this truck has seen just two owners: The Amherst, Nova Scotia, Fire Department (which owned it until 1975) and the seller, a retired Ford dealer who purchased the rig directly from the department. As if that’s not impressive enough, the truck has racked up a claimed 3,000 miles over its entire life, partially due to the fact that it’s been in the seller’s collection (and off the road) for the past 41 years. From the seller’s description:

1948 Ford F-68 HD ¾ Ton truck. Purchased new by Amherst Fire Department on July 19, 1948, to transport uniforms etc to fires for volunteer firefighters. Seller is retired Ford dealer who bought it directly from the fire department 41 years ago. This Ford went straight from the fire station garage to collector car garage. Last licensed/inspected in 1975. Cab is tight and doors and handles feel like new. Less than 3,000 miles and has the all five original factory tires that came on the truck, all still good because it has not ever been in the sun. Both original Ford script headlights stamped June 25, 1948, original glass and seat etc. Has four-speed transmission and 239 flathead V-8. Starts quickly and runs very quiet. Painted once to remove Fire Department signs etc. Still has plate on roof for siren. Stainless trim and chrome perfect. Must be one of the most original 1948 Fords anywhere. Original purchase order and bill of sale to fire dept documents included as well as service records.

1948 Ford F3 1948 Ford F3 1948 Ford F3 1948 Ford F3



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