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1954 Chevrolet La Carrera Panamericana racer – Hemmings Find of the Day

Still, it looks fairly well equipped and after a check of all the safety systems to make sure they’re up to snuff, it could probably compete again. From the seller’s description. At first glance it might look like a Cuban special, but this 1954 Chevrolet for sale on is actually a veteran of Le Carrera Panamericana, though the ad doesn’t mention its record in the famed race.

Profesional built 358 CI Chevrolet engine 515 HP, aluminum heads, 6″ Eagle steel rods, Crower solid cam, Crower steel roller rocker arms, Arias forged pistons, Aluminum flywheel, Mc Leod racing clutch, Steel bell housing, Tremec Five speed transmition, 9″ Ford rear end 3.73 gear, positraction, 4 wheel Wilwood disc brakes, Nascar Power steering, weight jackers 4 corners, AFCO front tubular A arms suspension, three trailing arms rear suspension, Racing seats, Simpson 6 point belts, on board fire system, everything fresh.

1954Chevrolet_02_700 1954Chevrolet_03_700 1954Chevrolet_04_700 1954Chevrolet_05_700



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Newport Beach, California

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