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1967 Morgan Plus 4 – Hemmings Find of the Day

Thanks to the recently passed Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturer’s Act, Morgan is planning a return, possibly as soon as this year, but chances are good that there’s already a waiting list for a new Morgan automobile. For those seeking more immediate gratification in four-cylinder form, there’s this well-sorted 1967 Morgan Plus 4, for sale on  At one time, the United States was the largest market for British automaker Morgan’s traditional roadsters, but then came increasingly stringent emission controls and safety regulations. Repainted in Jaguar Westminster Blue last December and upgraded with Super Sport seats, the Morgan appears to need little more than a new garage to call home, at a price sure to be tens of thousands less than a new example. From the seller’s description:

1967 Morgan Plus 4. This car has its original TR4 engine with 32245+ miles. It was repainted in December in Jaguar Westminster Blue and looks stunning. The seats were replaced with new super sports seats. The muffler and tail pipe were replaced. All parts were sourced from Morgan Spares (receipts available). The car comes with its original tonneau cover, but it is worn. A replacement tonneau was bought in 2008. The convertible cover is in good shape and the side windows are present. At some unknown point in time the radiator was replaced and so was the steering box. The car is an absolute pleasure to drive. The transmission is smooth and the engine runs wonderfully. We are simply selling it to make room for another car. The chassis record we requested from Morgan is included (see photos). I ran a compression test and the pressures were between 161 and 165.

1967 Morgan Plus 4 1967 Morgan Plus 4 1967 Morgan Plus 4 1967 Morgan Plus 4



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Greensboro, North Carolina

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