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1999 Encore 151 – Hemmings Find of the Day

This 1999 Encore 151 for sale on appears almost brand new and boasts an impressive fording kit. From the seller’s description. Similar to the completely new tributes to four-wheel-drive vehicles of decades past that have been all the rage over the last several years, the Encore 151 was a completely new four-wheel-drive rig patterned after the M151 Mutt, though built in the late 1990s.

Re-created after a world leader (U.S. Military M151A2) and modified for the modern day sportsman, the Encore 151 ATV-Plus is a rugged, safe and fun outdoor vehicle for the adventurer at heart. With its 14 Ga. military tough steel body, the 151 offers a reliable liquid cooled Ford Industrial Engine including a 4WD Shift on the Fly that gets you where you need (and want) to go!

In addition to the transferable wench from front to back and its 24 volt system, both the electrical and ignition systems are waterproof and a deep water fording kit makes the 151 nearly immune to water!

1999Encore151_02_1000 1999Encore151_03_1000 1999Encore151_04_1000 1999Encore151_05_1000 1999Encore151_06_1000



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New Milford, Connecticut

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