American Car
Chevrolet in 1966, Pacer commercials, The Man With The Foot

* If I’ve embedded this video right, it’ll be the first of several AMC Pacer commercials. Is that cowboy in line the same one from “Blazing Saddles?”

Reader Gary Rynsburger sent us a link to the 1966 Chevrolet introduction video this week specifically for the camper truck chase scene toward the end, but we figured the entire thing would be worth watching, if for nothing else than to see how Chevrolet handled the Mustang just before it introduced the Camaro.

* Finally, on the suggestion of reader Stephen Algeo, an episode of the Patrick McGoohan series Danger Man that features a chase scene between a Mercedes and a Mini (fast forward to 44:35). No explosions or reverse J-turns, but entertaining nonetheless.


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