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Shotwell, Hanksville, La Polizia e sconfitta – Hemmings Sunday Cinema

Some pretty innovative things done to this conglomeration, both during its initial build and during Leno’s restoration. As Leno notes in this week’s Jay Leno’s Garage video, the Shotwell Indian-powered three-wheeler was the subject of his very first video, but he recently decided to revisit the homebuilt vehicle for a more in-depth look at it.

* Eva Sollberger’s Stuck in Vermont video series this week headed to Hanksville, Vermont, where she took in a mud bog and returned a report on why people decide to cover themselves head-to-toe and their trucks bumper-to-bumper in muck.

* And for this week’s inseguimento: a chase from the 1977 flick “La Polizia è sconfitta” – known in English as “Stunt Squad.” Somebody tell me there’s action figures of these guys.


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