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Honda’s CES 2017 stand previews a future of ‘cooperative mobility’

There will be interactive displays, there are many car concepts, so be sure to take your favorite spiritual substance when seeing the company’s vision for the future.

The Consumer Electronics Show is slowly turning into a Las Vegas auto show. Honda’s prepared to do with the stand part is fully committed to the concept of moving and hoping to bring reality.

As one might expect from the CES 2017 show, Honda is taking “Let’s look at the future” approach. There will be interactive displays to show off its vision, including new ways to reduce congestion (possibly via sharing and vehicle-to-vehicle communication) and in-vehicle connections.

There will be an actual “car” station,. Honda will CES NeuV concept. An autonomous EV commuter car, including an artificial intelligence engine called the “emotional engine,” may create a more humane connection between the car and the driver. I bet it’s artificial intelligence is similar to the Toyota Kirobo Mini, except you know, a car, not a toy robot.

Honda CEO Yoshiyuki Matsumoto R & D, will deliver a keynote speech, and he will also showcase a concept motorcycle, including Honda’s robot in a way. I think of my “Robot Motorcycle” Christmas list when I was a kid, it was very exciting.

Honda will also make use of CES several announcements. Details have not come out yet, but is Honda committed to working with start-up companies to establish new links to the company that are pushing the flow of names? Sounds blurry? Of course it’s – Honda’s future is still at least a decade old.

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