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Kevin Scott Hold the Guinness World Record for Fastest Monowheel Motorcycle

Kevin Scott, who holds the Guinness World Record for fastest monowheel motorcycle, just ask him you will know how fast this new form of transportation goes.

Scott’s 61.18-mph average speed, recorded in 2015, stands as the fastest monowheel top speed as recorded by Guinness, taking the place of a 57-mph record set by Kerry McClean way back in 2001.

Scott’s rig, named WarHorse, weighs roughly 214 lbs without a rider, with an overall diameter of 59 inches. Powered by a 200cc racing kart engine, it sports air suspension and a custom transmission.

It’s also fiendishly unstable, as Scott explains … and then inadvertently demonstrates.

And here’s the footage of Scott’s record-breaking run. Here’s hoping it inspires somebody to build an even faster monowheel.

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