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Let This Monster Truck Reverse-Wheelie Rearrange Your Understanding of Physics


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Monster Jam is a motorsport unlike any other. With the advent of Freestyle competition, the monster truck racing series took all the eye-popping stunts of BMX bikers and X-Games skateboarders and cranked ’em up with 1500 horsepower.

And lately, nobody illustrates that better than Ryan Anderson, driver of the vaguely Willys-shaped Son-Uva Digger and current freestyle superstar.

Anderson, son of monster truck legend and king of the Grave Digger empire Dennis Anderson, just demonstrated his freestyle dominance at the most recent Monster Jam event at the Carrier Dome at Syracuse University in Syracuse, NY. Captured by monster truck fan Diane Conger and posted to Facebook, this three-minute routine will have you seriously rethinking your expectations of how a 10,000-lb. monster truck can move.

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The whole performance is worth watching, but the real jaw-dropper occurs at 2:05. At that moment, Anderson pulls off an astonishingly long “moonwalk”—basically a slow-motion wheelie while driving in reverse.

“We could already have a candidate for Wow Factor of the year,” says Monster Jam’s recap of the move—thought to be one of the longest moonwalks in the history of monster truck racing. Anderson easily won the day’s Freestyle event with a near-perfect 9.900 score, which looks great alongside his overall victory in the racing portion of the night.

Anderson and Son-Uva Digger came out of the night’s events with 28 show points, and the admiration of anyone who can appreciate just how much skill it takes to balance a monster truck on its nose with such precision.


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