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Ludicrous Mode Tesla Model S P100D with Increased Power

This news is about Tesla Model S P100D .

To get the acceleration time of the current Model S P90D down to hypercar territory, Tesla updated the battery pack to 100kWh of power. Amazingly, along with that increased power, Tesla also increased the range of the new Model S to 315 miles, making it the first all-electric car to crack the 300-mile barrier.

This world-beating performance comes at a price: $134,500, new. If you’re a current Model S P90D owner and you want to upgrade your hardware, you have the option of swapping batteries…for a $20,000 service bill. However, if your P90D is still on order, you can get the upgrade for $10,000 before you take delivery.

So if you want to (silently) embarrass a hypercar at the drag strip while carting four of your friends and a trunk packed for the weekend, the American-made all-electric sedan is the bargain of the century.



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