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To Meet the Modern Take on the Willys MB, and the Upcoming Wrangler Pickup

Today, Jeeps are a mainstay at off-road parks and 4×4 trails to the point where it’s hard to mention “overlanding” without picturing a slotted grille flanked by round headlights. Jeep knows this, and that’s why they’re celebrating the original Willys MB’s 75th birthday with the 75th Salute concept. The Willys MB is an American automotive icon. The square-jawed 4×4 was immeasurably helpful in WWII and has inspired the styling of every Jeep since.


Based on a heavily modified Jeep Wrangler Sport, the 75th Salute concept brings back the delightfully simplistic style of the mid-century war hero. The B-pillar is gone, the roll bars are gone, the doors are gone, the 16-inch steel wheels are wrapped in old-style non-directional military tires with an additional spare mounted at the rear — truly old school. Thankfully there is a modern Pentastar V6 and six-speed manual transmission. As far as special-edition cars go, this one ranks as an instant all-time great.

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A First Look at a Jeep Pickup


Not much is known at the minute, arepwatches
but Motor Trend spied a camouflaged test vehicle with a similar body to the Wrangler Unlimited. A Jeep Wrangler pickup has been eagerly awaited ever since Jeep boss Mike Manley announced they would actually make one. Though the Wrangler pickup is still in testing stages, a 2018 production date seems likely. Read the Story


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