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The Modified Jeep CJ – Jeep with Wood Body

We’re having a bit of a tough time tracking down its origins, but that’s not going to stop us from enjoying it. A video of it is currently making the rounds on a Facebook page called Woodworking Enthusiasts, but it seems to be a rip of a video posted to YouTube back in 2013. There’s not much in the way of a description on either video, but it appears to be the work of someone who ran w website called This wood-bodied Jeep CJ might not be as tough as its steel-bodied counterparts, but when you look this good, does it even matter? We think not because this beautifully-built Jeep that appears to be a CJ-5 is gorgeous.

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Apparently, a man named Jack builds (or perhaps, built) beautiful wood bodies for Jeeps and Ford Broncos, though his website has since gone down. The woodworking here appears to be top-notch, so we’d love to see it in personOmega Copy.

Mystery aside, you should still just bask in this majesty.


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