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Next-Generation Ford Fusion Hybrid Autonomous Car Looks Sleek

Ford Fusion Hybrid Auto Show updates test vehicles this month at the CES in Las Vegas. The improvement of the new computer ‘s hardware processing ability.

Three years ago, General Motors introduced its first generation of autonomous vehicles with four prominent sensors mounted on the roof. While the new vehicle sits on the same platform, it now looks a bit more stylish as it is just two LIDAR sensors, not four features. These sensors, located in front of the pillars, accept the same amount of data as the total, and are as big as an ice hockey.

Ford said adjusting the position of the two sensors gives the car a better view of its environment. In fact, they can see the length of the two football fields. LIDAR sensors and a set of short and long-range radar sensors complement the three cameras carefully mounted on the two luggage racks, as well as front-facing cameras hidden on the windshield. There are “autonomic vehicle brain” located in the trunk, the calculated data. Ford said the computer generated 1 tb of data per hour, more than a typical person would use mobile phone data over the past 45 years.


Earlier this year, Ford promised to offer fully autonomous vehicles in high volumes by 2021. These cars, designed for ride sharing services, won’t include pedals or a steering wheel. Ford doesn’t envision the technology rolling out to individual customers until several years after 2021 due to high costs.

The electrical controls on the Fusion Hybrid are close to production-ready, the automaker says. Ford’s new autonomous test car will debut at CES January 3 before heading to the Detroit auto show the following week.

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