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Report: Refreshed S-Class Plug-In Will Feature Wireless Charging – Motor Trend

If you are one of the very few individuals who are looking to purchase a Mercedes-Benz plug-in hybrid S-Class, and cannot be bothered to take the time to plug your fancy executive sedan in, listen up. According to a report from Autocar, the refreshed 2017 S500 (called the S550 in the States) plug-in hybrid will include wireless charging.



According to Autocar, the new charging system will include two coils: one placed on the floor of the car near the battery and the second located on the floor of a garage or covered parking space. Much like the wireless charging technology for cellphones, the new charging system will create a seamless charging system that requires no cords or plugs to handle.



Mercedes claims the system is 90 percent as effective when compared to a regular plug-in set-up. Power is transferred at a rate of 3.6 kilowatt-hours.

Autocar speculates the S-Class’ autonomous technologies can be integrated with the charging system, enabling the sedan to automatically drive within range of the charger.

Currently, the U.S. market S550 plug-in is only sold in California, so there is no word on if this system will ever see us stateside.

Source: Autocar

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Report: Refreshed S-Class Plug-In Will Feature Wireless Charging



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