Rolls-Royce’s 103EX is a Luxurious Monstrosity

Long before we could lay our eyes on the next, all-aluminum Phantom, Rolls-Royce wants to provide you with ‘a fully authentic look into the potential demands and desires of the wealthy connoisseur of the future.’ And the way they see it at Goodwood, the future of luxury mobility as a whole consists of elements like ‘The Personal Vision, The Effortless Journey, The Grand Sanctuary and The Grand Arrival’. In something like this:

Remember BMW’s Vision Next 100, the i8 sedan from 2116? Well, this is Rolls-Royce going down the same route. No sharp turns with this one, please.

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Confused? You shouldn’t be. Rolls-Royce’s idea for the future involves returning to authentic coachbuilding using the most advanced materials, the customer’s own designs and zero emission powertrains. Fully autonomous drive is a given, as well as the Spirit of Ecstasy evolving into the ‘Voice of Eleanor,’ your virtual assistant and driver. Let’s just hope she won’t turn into the Red Queen after the warranty wears off.

In the name of simplicity, the 103EX concept’s cabin features Macassar wood panelling, ivory wool carpets, a massive OLED screen and an actual sofa, which Rolls-Royce calls ‘the best seat in the house,’

We all know what that’s for in an autonomous car.

If the idea of a fully digital Rolls-Royce is too much for you, have no fear. The analogue clock and the umbrella remains standard equipment.

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Get lost in the details and tell me why I feel like we’re back in the 1930s, only with more LEDs… Then again, all this makes a lot of sense, because luxury buyers.


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