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Study says 21 Million Autonomous Cars Will be Sold by 2035 – Motor Trend

There’s no denying that autonomous cars are developing at a rapid pace. For starters, automakers and tech companies continue to spend millions of dollars in the technology. Lawmakers are doing the best they can to quickly come up with reasonable regulations and consumers are getting more comfortable with surrendering the wheel to robots. These are just some of the reasons why IHS Automotive predicts there will be over 21 million autonomous vehicles on roads globally by the year 2035.

In the shorter term, IHS Automotive says total global sales of autonomous vehicles should reach 600,000 units by the end of 2025. After that, the autonomous tech is expected to grow substantially to a whopping 21 million by 2035.

IHS Automotive cites the rapid pace at which automakers and tech companies are investing in self-driving technology. Google, for example, recently announced it will build a new self-driving technology development center outside of Detroit, Mich., while Uber is expanding its autonomous testing facility in Pittsburgh, Pa. And almost every major automaker is furiously working to stay ahead of the autonomous game, with some claiming to have fully-autonomous vehicles ready to sell by 2020.

Meanwhile, state and federal lawmakers in the U.S. face persistent pressure from automakers and tech companies to author self-driving regulations sooner rather than later. That said, IHS Automotive expects the U.S. to overcome regulatory obstacles quicker than other countries, which should make America the first country to offer self-driving cars to the public. The study predicts 4.5 million autonomous vehicles will be on U.S. roads by 2035. China is expected to sell 5.7 million self-driving cars by 2035, while Western Europe should have 1.2 million units out by that time.

Source: IHS Automotive

Volvo autonomous driving image

Volvo autonomous driving image

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Study says 21 Million Autonomous Cars Will be Sold by 2035



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