• Auto Tech
    1950s & Paris

    A look at the Place de la Concorde today confirms that not much has changed in the decades since – not the monuments, not the traffic, not the bicyclists braving said traffic, and probably not even the pavers in the street. So what do you see here? Though he found it at a site dedicated […]

  • British Car
    The world’s most copied sports car design

    This British-built automobile has that perfect sports car look, with a simple, unspoiled shape that is pure beauty. It was this very same model that spawned the incredibly successful Cobra. No wonder Carroll Shelby was smitten by the Ace when he first saw one. The Ace’s outstanding looks can be traced back to Carrozzeria Touring […]

  • Bentley
    From the Toolbox

    It performs a function that is seldom necessary today. This week’s stumper is a pair of specialty pliers designed for a specific purpose. Initially looking like 6-1/2 inch snap ring pliers, this tool has slotted jaws instead of the normal clamps that would hold interchangeable points for snap rings. The slotted jaws are intentionally skewed […]

  • British Car
    “The Love Bug Collection” sells in Indianapolis

    Even those with little interest in racing can recognize the white Volkswagen Beetle with red and blue stripes, wearing the number 53 in its meatball, as “Herbie, the Love Bug.” The star of six Disney motion pictures, countless Volkswagen Beetles have been modified over the years to portray the anthropomorphic automobile, and screen-used examples tend […]

  • Auto Tech
    1954 Oldsmobile 98 custom – Hemmings Find of the Day

    It might not be Barris material, but there’s little doubt it’s authentic, with a design language that incorporates a good amount of the vernacular, and it seems to have been well preserved with no updating since. Even without any provenance attached to it, this 1954 Oldsmobile 98 custom for sale on Hemmings.com is a good […]

  • Auto Tech
    1956, Madrid, Spain

    Unfortunately (for probably everybody except those who have to drive on it), the brick paver streets have since given way to pavement, but little else has changed here in the last 60 years. What do you see here?After yesterday’s Paris carspotting exercise, we decided to stay in Europe and head over to Madrid, where this […]