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The 1000-hp Bisimoto Honda Odyssey Could Be Yours

Bisi Ezerioha, the founder of Bisimoto, likes to push the limits of front-wheel-drive cars. Previously, he built a 708-horsepower Hyundai Sonata for SEMA, and two years before that, he built a 600-horsepower Elantra GT. But his most famous front-wheel-drive creation is his 1000-horsepower Honda Odyssey, which is headed to auction later this month.

In case you’re unfamiliar with this van, take a moment to watch Matt Farah drive it back-to-back with Ezerioha’s personal 1976 Porsche 911 Turbo. Oh, and here’s a video of it doing one of the most epic front-wheel burnouts ever recorded. As you can see, this van is about as bad-ass as practical family transportation gets.

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And later this month, Mecum is putting it up for auction. We have no idea how much it’s going to go for, but come on. It’s a 1000-horsepower Honda Odyssey. With a six-speed manual transmission!

Whatever it costs, it’s totally worth it.


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