The Real Cost of Owning a Bugatti Veyron Is Extraordinarily Massive Now

 Even if he only put 2500 miles on it since he joined the club. Tom Hartley has been a luxury and performance car dealer for forty years, and his son, Carl continues the family business. That allows him not only to have access to all the cars you can think of, but also afford to have a Bugatti Veyron as his personal ride.

His car is as understated as Veyrons get, with comfort seats instead of the sportier ones, and a two-tonePiaget Replica Watches
paint job in grey and a silver they call off-white.

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As you have probably heard before, that 1001 horsepower engine and the weight that comes with it demands unique tires from Michelin which Bugatti claims expire in just five years (Michelin says their normal tires last for at least a decade), meaning that they will charge you £32,000 (around $43,000) for the new set and the service even if the tread looks brand new. Knowing that a regular check with an oil change costs roughly $20,000 for a Veyron, this is hardly surprising.

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Neither is that if you are a 28-years-old male, your insurance company will charge the price of a nice new car every year for your Bugatti’s coverage. It’s a hard life, ain’t it?

For $64,000 plus taxes, Koenigsegg will give you a set of hollow carbon fiber wheels wrapped in equally wide Michelins that can deal with 1360 horsepower. Just so:


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