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This Lego Lancia Stratos Rally Car Actually Needs to Become a Real Set

That’s just how good it is, and it’s a shame Lego hasn’t yet picked it up to turn it into a kit you and I can buy. I mean, how good would this look next to your Lego Ferrari F40 and Volkswagen Beetle? When you first see this Lego Lancia Stratos, you’ll think it’s a real-deal kit, and not simply the work of an independent builder on Lego’s Ideas platform.


The builder, who goes by PeterVercoelen on Lego Ideas, says that the car is 1:8 scale, and that he made the iconic Alitalia livery and stickers himself. The headlights pop up with a lever in the interior of the model, and there’s a faithful replica of the Stratos’s Ferrari-derived transverse V6.

The detail is incredible for an unofficial Lego project, so you can only imagine how it’d look if Lego was able to create bespoke pieces for it. As of the time of writing, it has 1025 supporters on Lego Ideas, but it needs 10,000 to be reviewed by Lego officials. Let’s make it happen, people.


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