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Give you tips to store a motorcycle in the winter

If you’re planning on storing your bike through the winter, here are some tips that can help make sure it stays safe. Motorcycles are a great mode of transportation.

Tips to store a motorcycle in the winter

Store it in a garage

If at all possible, try to store your bike in a garage or at least in a covered area. Exposure to the elements, especially harsh cold, can wreak havoc on a bike. You want to make sure that it is as protected as possible. If you can’t keep it inside, you should definitely store it under a thick tarp made of weather-resistant material. There are some tarps specifically made for bike storage and these are the best kind to use.

Fill up the gas

Before you put your bike away for the winter, make sure to fill up the tank with gas. It’s also a good idea to use a fuel-stabilizing additive. Additives like this keep your gas from breaking down into different components and staining your carburetor with brown gunk. After you’ve added the recommended amount of additive, turn the engine on and run it for a few minutes to make sure the treated gas gets into the engine.


You should try to charge your battery every month or so if you have a modern bike with a clock, radio or alarm system. These can drain your battery while it sits and you could end up with a dead, useless one. Try to give it a full charge every month or every six weeks unless you have a charger system for it.

Oil change

It might not occur to you to change your oil before storing your bike for the winter, but it’s important that you do so. Oil is a golden colour when you put it in, but after it sits for some time, the contaminants in it can start to corrode your engine parts. This is terrible for your engine, so be sure to change the oil right before you put your bike away into storage. You can even check on the oil halfway through the winter to see if it needs another oil change.

Use high-quality coolant

Some coolants are not as good as others. Many aren’t able to protect against winter freeze-up and can’t resist the freezing temperatures. If you’re expecting an extra cold winter, check to see that you are using the kind of coolant that will be able to resist these temperatures. Your bike manufacturer should be able to recommend a coolant that will work best for your bike.

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