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Triangle Chevrolet Buick Actually Teaches Teens Auto-Related Life Skills

About a dozen teens showed up on a Saturday morning at a county high school to hear General Manager Taylor Lathinghouse explain routine vehicle maintenance, how to check the oil, when the check engine light is a true emergency and the proper time to pull over, among other car-related tasks.

DEFUNIAK SPRINGS, Florida Triangle Chevrolet Buick teamed up with the Walton County Sheriff’s Office to host its first-ever Teen Life Class to teach life skills not taught in the classroom, including changing a flat tire.

“It was a hot day and early on a Saturday, so I was thrilled with the group,” Lathinghouse told Edmunds. “We wanted to give them some confidence when dealing with a situation and the sheriff wanted them to get away from their video games in the summer.”

After the sheriff posted the recap of the class on its Facebook page, more people were asking for such a course for themselves, not just teenagers.

“Let me know when this class is held again. I need a crash course on car maintenance,” one person wrote.

Lathinghouse wants to participate in future car-related classes as well. The topic of the next one is a finance class.

“It would be hard to measure if we got new customers from hosting it but we know helping the community is the right thing to do and, who knows, it may have a payoff in the future,” Lathinghouse said.

Edmunds says: A dealership steps into the classroom and finds it rewarding.

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