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What to do If Truck Boxes Become an Unorganized Mess of Tools and Gear?

Here’s the solution of truck boxes.

One solution is to place your portable tool box into the truck boxes, but we prefer this custom DIY solution from Justin Chambers of Rainfall Projects. Chambers decided to fabricate a group of steel tool organizers that were designed to fit the exact type and quantity of tools he needed.

Start with a truck box that has a sliding tray. Then lay out every tool you need and decide how they should be grouped together. You’ll need some basic welding skills for a project like this, but it’s nothing a weekend DIYer can’t handle.

You may have to take extra steps to secure the tools if you frequently drive on bumpy roads, but otherwise this solution keeps your tools organized and within easy reach wherever you go. If you prefer to keep your tools in your cab, you can build a tool organizer that fits right behind your seat.

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