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Sharing 2 Lamborghini Wheels Make for One Expensive Coffee Table

 For the “for the true Lamborghini aficionado,” who probably already has everything, from a Countach on the wall to the occasional SEC investigation, why not a $16,000 coffee table?

There’ve been automotive-themed coffee tables before, and there have been “gargantuan coffee tables” made from a pair of Lamborghini Miura wheels made by Campgnolo, 15 inches wide, magnesium and gold-painted and wrapped with 375-width PRO-TRAC balloon tires and a 100-pound piece of glass.

You gotta pick it up yourself. The seller, writing in poetic free verse, offers surprising detail: he bought these in a lot of Sixties and Seventies Italian exotic wheels, in Southern California. “The old gentleman that sold me the wheels told me that at one point in time they could have been modified,” he says, “or they seem to have been modified / I do not know whether they were factory modified or not / There are some speculations that they were a prototype rear wheels made for the Jota Miura prototype / or might have been out of the Luigi Colani’s Miura LeMans Prototype.”

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Being devoid of million-dollar Miura, a coffee table seemed like a logical step. But the details are all there. Chrome acorn nuts and Lamborghini center spinners. Lamborghini air valve caps. A badge on the glass. (Another one is included.) Helpfully, there’s this piece of advice: “the wheels itself should be tested should the buyer decide to put them back on a car.” Shipping for all this goodness will cost $260.

if you’ve got a “man-cave” that needs an upgrade, this will go great next to your $8,000 Lamborghini desk, $12,000 Superleggera office chair, $12,000 Murcielago couch, and of course, your race car bed.

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