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Update Your Car with a $30 Heads-Up Display Now

Since the factory HUDs available in cars now are built right into the dash, they’re relatively difficult to retrofit to a new or classic car. Now, there’s a cheap and easy solution: the Mpow Universal Head Up Display. Every carmaker from Chevrolet to Rolls-Royce uses heads-up displays in their cars now. Not only is it a safe way to provide drivers with key information, like current speed and navigation routes, without them taking their eyes off the road, but it’s a damn cool piece of tech.


The Mpow’s HUD is a simple design that places your smartphone flat, and working in conjunction with the HUD app open onswiss replica watches your phone, reflects the image from the screen, directly into the your line of sight. Information such as vehicle speed, engine speed, navigation and speeding warnings are all reflected vividly on a glass display that has a 20-nanometer-thick coating of chromium but still maintains transparency. You’re making your car safer while feeding your Top Gun fantasies. It’s a win-win.

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While we admire older cars for their simplicity compared to today’s high-tech machines, if you’ve ever used Apple CarPlay or blind spot monitoring, you can appreciate that high-tech features really do make for a better driving experience. But, you don’t need to buy a new car if you want the latest and greatest tech. Read the Story


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